• Day 31- 3/31/22

    Wow. Just like that- the writing challenge and the month of March are over! I really enjoyed doing this blog writing every day. I have always liked the idea of writing about something every day, but never found myself accountable for sticking to it. Now that I have stuck with this for 31 straight days, I feel as though it’s a habit and I can continue. It gives me some time every day to just sit down and think about something I could write about. It makes me think of all the positives in my life, and also about the negatives. But not only bad things about the negatives, but how I could spin it into being something positive. Going into this writing, I knew I didn’t want to write about something negative any day, because that would only bring me down. I stuck with this, even if I mentioned some days my coffee didn’t taste right- I spun it around into a positive. I am going to continue to try this from now on. #feelinggrateful

  • Day 30- 3/30/22

    My puppies are so important to me. My family treats our pets as part of our family members, and right now we have three. I’m sure we sound like we live in a zoo, and for the most part it feels like that sometimes. When one dog barks, the other dogs follow after. Our biggest and oldest dog is Tilly. Tilly is 8 years old and a miniature Australian shepherd. As we like to call her, she’s the alpha of the trio. They do everything exactly like her, and if she wants to eat out of their food bowl, they let her. Then comes Ollie. Ollie is the first boy dog we ever had, and it’s safe to say we are in love with this little guy. He is the biggest cuddler ever, and is such a good boy. He listens to what we say and always scratches at everyone’s door to come in and cuddle. Then lastly, comes the baby Gigi. Gigi is our spunky girl, a mix between a shih tzu and a yorkie. She’s tiny, but let me tell you, she’s mighty. If Tilly or Ollie do something she doesn’t like, she’ll be sure to tell them. I could go on for days talking about these 3, because they are my LIFE!

  • Day 29- 3/29/22

    I’m sitting in a quiet zone of the Massage Envy. There is soothing music playing and it smells like lavender all around me. I feel calm. I’m starting to get tired. This will be only my 2nd massage ever, and I don’t know if I’m alone in this or not but I am a little nervous. Nervous for what, that I don’t know. Maybe because someone I don’t know is going to be massaging me? I always worry, is it awkward if I don’t strike up a conversation?

    ….The massage was wonderful. She made some small talk in the beginning, but then it didn’t feel at all like I needed to keep a conversation going. I could just relax and close my eyes. At one point, I think I fell asleep. It was amazing.

  • Day 28- 3/28/22

    I easily get sucked into books. Especially ones written by Colleen Hoover. I am sure you have heard of it, but if you haven’t, try out one of her books. Most are romance, but some are romance thrillers and they’re all very good. My friends and I are all on a Colleen Hoover book kick. There is a picture with all of her books on it, and my friends cross off them on our list once we read one. I have read 6 of her books so far, 3 of them just this year so far. I plan to keep it up and continue to read more after this one I am currently reading. The one I am currently reading is November 9th and I am sucked in. My favorites by her are It Ends with Us, Reminders of Him, and November 9th has hit the top 3 now too. Check them out if you have any time to spare, you won’t regret it!

  • Day 27- 3/27/22

    I have seen a lot of blog posts about Wordle. I am part of that group who has gotten obsessed and now it’s part of my daily routine. Today the word was really HARD. My first guess always has a couple vowels, and I’m learning tips along the way but today nothing helped. I like to put in the letter x as a filler when I know certain letters and that didn’t even help me today. The next part contains some spoilers, so if you haven’t done the Wordle today yet, don’t keep reading. When I saw that none of the traditional vowels were yellow or green, I was so confused. But teaching has definitely helped me during this game because I knew to try y somewhere in there. Definitely had to get a hint from a friend, but after 5 tries,  I got it. Here’s to an easier Wordle tomorrow.

  • Day 26- 3/26/22

    First day of break and I am already loving it! I went to the gym this morning, then now I am going to an outlet mall in Wisconsin with my friend. We plan to spend the whole day doing fun things to celebrate both of us being on break. Unfortunately, it is really cold so we’re bundling up with some hats and coats, but still going! Tomorrow I plan to catch up on my class school work, and then from there have a relaxing Sunday withOUT the Sunday scaries terrorizing me. Happy Rachel!!!!!

  • Day 25- 3/25/22

    It’s FRIDAY! YAY! My students and I are so ready for this break, but I will miss them all so much during this week away. I am not going anywhere on a trip, but hearing people’s plans like going to Italy, Cancun, or even Michigan are making me jealous. But then I remind myself that I WANT to stay around here, to get some quality relaxation time. I plan to use my days the ways I want in different ways such as:

    1. Working out at whatever time during the day
    2. Treating myself to a massage
    3. Sleeping in to whenever I want
    4. Cleaning my room/my closet- feel organized
    5. Spend time with my puppies and mom who works from home
    6. Use the days I have wisely!

    Hope everyone who is also on their spring break has a wonderful, well deserved break!

  • Day 24- 3/24/22

    Wednesday day and night are my craziest days by far. I go home from work, eat something small, and then leave to go work out at 5:15. My workout class goes until 6:45, so I end up having to speed to get home by 7 to be on Zoom for my PEC class. So far, I have made it home by 6:57, so I have just enough time to hop on. Yesterday though, I hit almost every red light on my way home. I get really bad time anxiety, and although I know my instructor would not care if I was a minute or two late, I was scared. But with still living at home and having a wonderful mom, she took my computer out of my chrome bag, turned it on, logged me on, and even plugged in the charger so all I had to do was click the Zoom link. I made it at exactly 7:00. I’m grateful that I still live with my wonderful mom who did that for me, it eased my time anxiety a lot.

  • Day 23- 3/23/22

    Wednesday. Hump Day.

    Three more days until spring break starts.

    Anticipation for the break from me and my students.

    Fun little breaks throughout the day to get us through.

    We can do this.

    Then- the rain.

    Rain, rain, please go away.

    You make me tired.

    You make my students tired.

    You make it hard to go outside and get energy out.

    Please rain, leave us be for three more days.

  • Day 22- 3/22/22

    My week days have seemed to be a whole lot of everything lately. I enjoy it, but sometimes it stresses me out to think about how much time I really DON’T have to do something because of all of these other things. These other things are things that I enjoy doing, and that are good for my mental health though. When you first start your career, everyone tells you you need some sort of plan to have work life and personal life stay separate from one another so your life isn’t overwhelmed by work. I wouldn’t say I mastered that plan or anything, but I do know that I do a lot of things other than going home and sitting on the couch doing more work. 

    Both my parents have been working at their companies for a while now. My mom recently just got moved up to a supervisor position (GO MOM!) They both work A LOT. I wish for them that they would not work all the time, but I know they don’t mind it and choose to work to feel afloat and ahead. But I will continue to have busy nights doing things that are good for me. I will lay out my schedule so everyone can know what I mean when I say I have no time. But I do have to be grateful that I can even do these things. 

    Tuesday- dinner with a friend from college, getting nails done

    Wednesday- get home from work, work out, live zoom meeting for 2 hours

    Thursday- go straight to get my hair highlighted

  • Day 21-3/21/22

    Yes, I am a huge Starbucks fan. I have written a blog post about my obsession before.

    I regularly go to the same Starbucks, and usually the workers know me. 

    My coffee tasted fairly weird and not good today. It didn’t have a lot of the vanilla sweet cream, so I think that was why.

    I ALMOST let it ruin my day, but then I took a step back and didn’t.

    That’s a huge step towards adulting for me.

  • Day 20-3/20/22

    I can’t believe today is the 20th day in a row of doing this slicing! At the start, I was worried I would have nothing to say everyday, but looking back now at the things I’ve wrote, I understand why this is such a great experience for others. It gives me time each day to sit and think about something that happened or is going to happen. From that, I have felt super grateful about things in my life. Today when I woke up, I knew the weather was going to be nice and that I could spend today doing absolutely nothing but spending time with my puppies. I’m so grateful for these puppies, for the weather, for my brother getting me Starbucks this morning, for my sister walking & spending time outside with me, and the ability to relax and do nothing today. Here’s to this week being positive and being a step closer to spring break!

  • Day 19- 3/19/22

    If you read my blog post yesterday, you know that I talked about putting in coupons for lunch with me as a raffle prize for my students from being caught doing good. Well I did, and safe to say it was a HIT! Every child who got pulled for the raffle chose lunch with the teacher. I am so excited to be spending lunch with some of my students, so fingers crossed that the weather is nice!!

  • Day 18- 3/18/22

    Friday. The long awaited day of the week. In all honesty though, this week was not that bad. The weather was so nice that we got to spend time outside, and we had a lot of fun doing it! One of my students won lunch with the teacher for his read-a-thon prize, so we and a friend enjoyed lunch together outside yesterday. One of the students said, “Today was the best day ever!” and that brought a smile to my face. I am now going to make lunch with the teacher as a special prize for whoever wins my raffle from being caught doing good.

  • Day 17- 3/17/22

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am not Irish, but I do love to celebrate holidays like these with my students who might be or who aren’t. All my students came in today decked out in green shirts, green headbands, green masks, and even green/clover tattoos! It was like a sea of green. One of my students even gave me a card and some candy for today. One of the best parts of teaching tiny humans is they get excited and are happy to just do anything. Today we will be reflecting on what we are lucky to have, to be, and to be able to do. This is great for tiny people because they can really sit back and think about their lives and what they are grateful for. But then additionally, hear from their friends in the class about what they are lucky for too!

  • Day 16- 3/16/22

    Today I am going to dinner with two of my closest friends from high school. I’ve been out of high school for 6 years now (I think my math is right….long day), so it will be really good to catch up. One of them is still my best friend to this day, so I see her a lot, but the other friend I truly haven’t seen in years. She is a year older than Kailee and I are, so she went off to college while we were seniors in high school. Nothing bad happened, no bad blood, just she moved on with her life at Iowa State and we stayed here. (If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, the line from the song “Right where you left me”  where it says “everybody moved on, I stayed there” came up in my head while writing that sentence LOL). When I think back to how we were in high school, the 3 of us were inseparable! We did cheerleading together, but after practice we’d spend the rest of our days together. I think that’s why after all these years, all 3 of us are still ready and excited to meet up with one another. It’s really crazy writing and thinking back to my high school years!

  • Day 15- 3/15/22

    I wouldn’t totally say I am a morning person, but I am definitely not a night person on the weekdays. I go to bed at 8:30 almost every night and really enjoy it. I am at that point in my life where I can do that, so I need to take advantage of it! This morning as I got into work, I thought about how much I like to do things in the morning rather than after school. I get to school super early, and enjoy every second I have to myself to grade things, organize my classroom, or just catch up on some stuff. So now I feel like I am definitely a morning person rather than a night person? If you read my blog yesterday, I wrote about how HARD it was to get out of bed. Today it wasn’t as bad at all. I also think that today was a lot easier to wake up and get out of bed because I knew what to expect and was excited about the warm weather today. My students and I went outside for our daily PE and it was amazing getting to be outside without a winter coat!

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