Day 24- 3/24/22

Wednesday day and night are my craziest days by far. I go home from work, eat something small, and then leave to go work out at 5:15. My workout class goes until 6:45, so I end up having to speed to get home by 7 to be on Zoom for my PEC class. So far, I have made it home by 6:57, so I have just enough time to hop on. Yesterday though, I hit almost every red light on my way home. I get really bad time anxiety, and although I know my instructor would not care if I was a minute or two late, I was scared. But with still living at home and having a wonderful mom, she took my computer out of my chrome bag, turned it on, logged me on, and even plugged in the charger so all I had to do was click the Zoom link. I made it at exactly 7:00. I’m grateful that I still live with my wonderful mom who did that for me, it eased my time anxiety a lot.

2 responses to “Day 24- 3/24/22”

  1. That was so nice of your mom! I am happy that you have such a supportive family that helps you out when you need it. Also proud of you for all that you are accomplishing right now:)


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